Book 1: The Case Files of Jeweller Richard

One night, Seigi saves a beautiful foreigner, Richard, from being harassed by drunks. After learning that Richard is a skilled jeweller working within Japan, Seigi decides to request the appraisal of a pink sapphire he owns, with a history that he has never told anyone. When Richard solves the hidden heartrending “mystery” surrounding the jewel that Seigi’s grandmother had protected until she died, Seigi’s mind is brought back to the past. Let the jewel mystery that brings to light the mysteries of the human heart that reside in the beautiful sparkle of jewels begin!

Case 1: The Pink Sapphire’s Justice

Case 2: The Ruby’s Truth

Case 3: The Amethyst’s Protection

Case 4: The Diamond of Reminiscence

Extra Case: A Wish Upon a Rose Quartz

Book 2: The Emerald Dances

Seigi currently works part time at the jewellery shop ran by Richard, a beautiful jeweller skilled at his work. Richard’s eye for appraisal only becomes increasingly sharper as more troublesome mysteries are brought in. One day, he is requested by a veteran ballet troupe to appraise an emerald necklace that has been cursed by a ballerina that had passed away. Just what shocking truth does Richard pull forth from those emeralds? Just what thoughts are hidden within them? Let the jewel mystery that brings to light the secrets of the heart residing in the many gemstones begin!

Case 1: Insight of the Cat’s Eye